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English through Drama


Our Methodology

Drama is indispensable in the language classroom because it opens the door to using imagination; it increases confidence and motivation amongst students and it provides opportunities to express themselves.


Scientific research has proven now that emotions have a deep impact on significant learning."Little can be taught and learned effectively without the influence of emotion." Francisco Mora

The Comedy

Humorous scenes incorporate emotion and contextualize language, giving a real communicative value to language learners.

Language Learning

The use of our methodology develops participants´ language skills through interactions and conversations and motivates students to become more engaged in the learning process, which elevates their language proficiency level.

Educational Materials

Our Comic Dialogues come with audios to practice your listening skills and with printable pages for the classroom.


What Our Students and Followers Say

We are committed to teaching you English and enjoying the process.

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I like this way of teaching English... it reminds me of some funny movie.
The best ever English channel. Thank you and good luck.
This method, this dialogue... it´s very useful for me and interesting.

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